Some travel tips for Japan

★Train and Station★

  • Summer in Japan is hot and humid. If you take a train, however, bring your jacket, because air conditioner might be working strongly.
  • The people here walk on the escalator. The interesting thing is that in some areas like Osaka, people walk on the right side of the escalator and in some areas like Tokyo people walk on the left side.
  • If you don’t know which train ticket to buy, you should buy a 140 yen ticket (the cheapest one). And when you arrived at your destination, you can give it to the staff at the gate and pay the remaining amount there.
  • Perverts on trains → Perverts on trains! How to avoid being groped!
  • Suicide at train stations → Suicide and train-delays in Japan
  • If you go around Japan → JAPAN RAIL PASS (the official site)
  • If you only travel in Tokyo, → One day train pass in Tokyo


  • You don’t have to give a tip. Since I was born, I have never given a tip in Japan.
  • You may get rejected to enter a hot spring or a public bath, if you have a tattoo. (Discussion about tattoo in Japan)