Wear Japanese toe slippers for your health!!

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This style of slippers is kind of popular in Japan. I bought the toe slippers in the photo for 400 yen.  Actually, I went to a 100 yen shop before that, but the ones at the 100 yen shop looked very cheap. So I didn’t buy there. (I’m not a big fan of 100 yen shop.)


Don’t enlarge the photo or you”ll see some dusts in it.


★Benefits that you can get by wearing toe slippers

  • Your posture gets better.
  • Toe slippers develop your calf muscle
  • Your blood circulation gets better.
  • You lose weight.

I don’t know if these have scientific basis and if they are true. But the calf muscle is said to be the second heart because the calf muscle circulates your blood the second most, next to the heart.

When I wear toe slippers, I feel my muscles are really used. At first, it was a bit hard to walk with them. I got used to it soon.

Even if you don’t have it, walking with your toes might be good for your health.

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