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My tatami room

Reportedly, some foreign tourists in Japan want to stay in tatami rooms. So, I will show you my room. Please don’t walk on tatami with shoes because it gets damaged easily. (In Japan, people don’t wear shoes at home. )


I sleep this way. To be honest, I don’t like to sleep on a bed. It’s probably because I’m too used to sleeping on futon in a tatami room and I’m afraid of falling from a bed. By the way, the floor is called “tatami”, the mattress is called “futon” and  the white paper is called “shoji”. Children love to tear holes in shoji.

I have a Sony laptop and PC monitor. I watch DVDs on the PC monitor, when I find it difficult to sleep. When I go abroad, I take the dark blue bag on the right. I’m often asked by immigration officers “How were you able to survive with the language?”. Maybe they suspect I’m a drug dealer.

I want this. When I’m lying, I want to watch a movie projected on the ceiling.

This room has two doors. One is to the corridor and the other is to the clothes room.

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