Suicide and Train-delays in Japan

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Perhaps you have heard about the high suicide rate in Japan. One thing that you should keep in mind about suicide in Japan is that sometimes someone jumps in front of a train at the station, which causes many train-delays.

What if someone jumps off at a train?

If you are on a train, when it happened, you may be stuck there for a few hours whether the train hit a person or another train did. If you are waiting for a train at the station or a station around there, you won’t be getting on the train anytime soon. When the train that you are on has stopped for a long time, you can assume someone has jumped. Usually, the announcements in trains and stations are in Japanese, so if you want to know the situation, you should ask other passengers. (Probably they don’t speak English, but you might be able to get some information.)

When I was at the Narita Airport station, I was asked about the Narita Express and I told them which train the Narita Express was. They got on it and it launched. I took another train and some time later, suddenly, the train stopped because someone had jumped. I guess the Narita Express that they were on also stopped. They would have had no idea what was happening. It doesn’t happen everyday, but sometimes it happens. Please keep this in your mind, although this is not a good thing.

I don’t know why some people do that. Maybe they want to involve some other people or simply it became a thing. (Copycat suicide) Currently terror attacks take place in the world. Possibly suicide in Japan is another type of terrorism.

Famous suicide train station

There is a train station which is a famous suicide spot. (I know a person living near the station and he said that’s too much trouble.) One day someone threw her body at a train and her body flew by the train into the station and hit 4 people. The 4 people got injured and the person died. The media reported it and the next day another one followed. This is how the station became a suicide spot. I heard that some investors, who lost money or owe a debt, go there…. and some investors tell a joke like “I will go to XXXX (the station’s name).”, when they lost some money.

If you are interested in the station, check this (another site).

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