Restaurants for Muslims, Vegans and Vegetarians in Japan

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If you know a bit about Japan, you may think Japanese people believe in Shinto and Buddhism. We might behave based on them but most Japanese people would say “I don’t believe in God” or “I’m an atheist.”. Therefore, there might be few restaurants for Muslims, vegans and vegetarians in Japan.

Restaurants for Muslims

Reportedly, Muslim tourists struggle to find restaurants for them. I think this site “” is beneficial for them. The site is in English.

I watched a TV documentary program about a soba restaurant. Soba soup contains alcohol in general. So, the chef was making another soup with no alcohol for Muslims in the program.

(They are eating nomal soba.)

This site “” is for vegetarians but written in Japanese alone, unfortunately.

Egyptian sumo wrestler storms his way into ancient sport (another site)

A lot of Japanese people are negative about religions which are actually cults. Actually, “religion” in the Japanese language has a negative connotation. In this society, some cults have done horrible things. There is a cult in my area too. When someone in a family dies, people in the cult approach relatives who feel sad about their loss. I hate that!

(a little bit about cults in Japan↓ )

The vocalist of “X JAPAN” was brainwashed and they disbanded. They were very popular in Japan. (Wikipedia)


Even though I wrote “a lot of Japanese people are negative about religions.”, it doesn’t mean they are negative about Christianity, Catholicism and Islam. So, please don’t misunderstand it.

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