Karaoke is probably the cheapest hotel!

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Karaoke could be a cheap hotel.

Reportedly, capsule hotels are popular among foreign tourists. It really is unique to stay there. → I stayed at a Capsule Hotel in Kinshicho, Tokyo!

But, honestly staying at a capsule hotel is not so cheap. So if you really want to cut the budget, staying a night at a karaoke room might be the cheapest. You can’t get a shower there but at least you can get free drinks and you can lay down on the seat and of course you can sing. You may not feel comfortable sleeping there. But if you really want a cheap accommodation, it is worth giving a shot. Maybe it’s nice to go to a public bath the next day.

When I was a college student, I would go to karaoke with my friends and stay the night there. Sometimes, we sung until the end and sometimes we fell asleep. If it’s on weekdays (Monday to Thursday), you have to pay about 1200 yen. (Each person has to pay.) If it’s on weekends (Friday to Sunday), it’s a bit expensive like 2500 yen. If you don’t get out on time, you might be charged a bit . I experienced it a few times. Some karaoke rooms are very small. In my case, I could sleep there because I’m short. But I’m not sure if big people can sleep in a small room. I I have to write the most important thing. Some karaoke rooms have a camera. Don’t have sex there!


By the way, Karaoke is originally from Japan. Japanese people pronounce “kalaoke” (The last “e” is [e].) If you go to karaoke and sing there for the first time, you might think your voice is totally different than you imagine and probably, the microphone doesn’t catch your voice. So maybe you can’t sing a song as you want to. You need practice.

Tatami room
I stayed at a Capsule Hotel in Kinshicho, Tokyo

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