Perverts on trains! How to avoid being groped!

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You may have heard about perverts in Japan and you might know a word “hentai”. Reportedly, many Japanese women have experienced being groped on trains. So if you come to Japan, please be careful when you take a train. In this entry, I want to tell you how to avoid being groped on trains.

How to avoid being groped by perverts!

1. Avoid taking a train during rush hours. (Perverts touch someone only on crowded trains.)

2. Get in a women-only car. (I’m a guy. I felt embarrassed when I got in a woman-only car accidentally.)

3. Wear pants (trousers). (Still some perverts might touch someone wearing pants.)

4. Avoid standing near a door. (Perverts want to escape soon after they have touched someone.)

If you follow these, you wouldn’t get groped. But if you want to be groped, don’t follow these.

Compared to foreign women, Japanese women don’t tend to speak up. This attitude may let perverts do whatever they want to do. So, please hit them if you get groped in Japan.

On the other hand, some women make up stories. Suddenly a woman shouts “he touched me” on the train and the man gets caught. In this case, it is really difficult for the man to prove his innocence. There is a movie about it. The title is “I Just Didn’t Do It.”.  plot  (The video is Japanese.)

By the way, you may think that perverts are men but some are actually women. They may touch both men and women. In fact, one of my friends said he was touched by an old lady and felt disgusted after that. Men, be careful too.

I think the solution to this pervert problem is to reduce crowded trains because perverts touch someone only on crowded trains. My concern is that what perverts will do if they can’t touch someone on trains though.

Now there is a discussion whether it is fine for women to put on make-up on trains. I think there are relevant things that we should talk about before that.

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