My staple food sold at supermarkets in Japan

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My staple food

In this entry, I put photos of things I eat sometimes that are sold at supermarkets. My staple food is mainly sweets…. You may think all Japanese people like rice. However, I don’t like it. Rice is troublesome to eat. I like sushi rice and fried sushi though.

Mitarashi Dango/ 100 yen


The sauce is made of soy sauce, but it is very sweet. “Mitarashi” is the sauce name. “Dango” is the round stuff.

To Japanese learners:

Do you know “Hanayori Dango” or “Boys Over Flowers”?

“花より団子“(Hanayori Dango) is a saying which means “Pudding over praise” or “Bread is better than the songs of birds.”. The situation is like “In a cherry blossom party, you just focus on eating dango, not seeing cherry blossoms. ” The literal translation of “Hanayori Dango” is “Dango over flowers”.

However, the Japanese manga title is “花より男子“. “男子” means “boy”. “男子” is read “Danshi” in Japanese, but “男子” in the title is intentionally read “dango”. “子” is read “shi” and “ko” (“go” too).  Then, “花より男子” means “Boys Over Flowers”.

Pudding/ 3 piece, 100 yen


Japanese people call it “プリン” (purin). I think “purin” comes from the sound of pudding. I kind of find it reasonable because when native English speakers pronounce D, if they fail to tap or flap or are lazy to tap or flap,  it might sound a little bit “R”.

Warabi mochi/ 100 yen


Soybean flour is good for your health. The black stuff is not soy sauce and it’s sweet.
Raindrop Cake (Mizu Shingen Mochi)

Sweet potato bread/ 6 piece, 240 yen


Sushi/ 500 yen

Some foreign media say sushi is healthy food, but it’s not true. Sushi is just oily food like fast food. Also, Japanese people don’t eat sushi everyday. The sushi in the photo was not delicious. The rice was hard. The degree of the hardness of rice is very important, aside from the quality of the fish. In Japanese, the rice is called “shari” and the fish is called “neta”.

Raindrop Cake (Mizu Shingen Mochi)
Japanese rice toppings I usually eat
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My staple food sold at supermarkets in Japan

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