If you like museums, get a “Grutto Pass”.

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Are you interested in going to museums in Tokyo? If so, I want you to know about “Grutto Pass”. → Official site


  • With this ticket, you can get a one-time admission or some discount to the 79 facilities. → Check the 79 facilities
  • This ticket is 2000 yen and valid for 2 months from first use.
  • You can buy it at the 79 facilities and some other places.
  • The ticket is in Japanese and English.



“Grutto Pass” might be really nice for those who are  intending to stay in Japan for long like exchange students.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

I went to one of the 79 facilities last year which is “National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation“. It was fun, though going there once might be enough. If you are interested in robotics or robots in general, maybe you can enjoy it.


French lady who likes museums in Japan

Question 1 ~00:05
Was “Japan” from your imagination different from the one you saw in your first visit?

Question 2 ~01:00
Is there a lack of English information in the museums?

Question 3 ~01:54
In your book, you featured many museums which are hard to access. Is there any intention to it?

Question 4 ~02:42
Japanese traditional culture and pop culture, these two contrary cultures co-exist. How do you see the current situation?

Question 5 ~04:00
You said Japan was as good as you imagined. But are there some bad points of Japan?

Question 6 ~05:11
What is the weak point that all museums in Japan have in common?

Her work: The Art Lover’s Guide to Japanese Museums → An article about her book

(I really appreciate her efforts.)

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