Joke about VR sex spread over the world….

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VR sex was supposed to be a joke.

A joke about VR sex on April fool’s day spread in Japan.

Unfortunately or fortunately, it went across the world, thanks to the internet.

The song is from “Feel the Magic: XY/XX” (Nintendo DS’s game)

I translated the lyrics into English (not all). Maybe there are some mistakes.

If I think of her, my heart beats faster.
The desire to see her is
getting strong, getting strong.
If I think of her, my temperature will go up.
The feeling of missing her is
getting strong, getting strong.
Her smile is 10 billion volt.
Seeing her once,
I get numb, get numb.
I can’t forget her smile day and night, morning, afternoon.
My feelings are uncontrollable,
uncontrollable, uncontrollable.

Everyone, please understand, THIS IS A JOKE.

A girl who doesn’t know about VR well
“Wow! It feels like I’m really being touched.”

THIS ISN’T A JOKE…..(;´・ω・)…..↓ VR sex is already in reality.

DMM and PSVR makes VR Porn possible.

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