Japanese Engrish “L” and “R”. “Hello” and “Herro”

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Japanese Engrish “L” and “R”

As you may know, Japanese people can’t distinguish L and R. When you are hearing Japanese English, you may get confused by “L” and “R”. This is why some people say “Japanese engrish”.

I found this video….

In the video, she says “herro” after “hello”. (0:09~) But if Japanese people hear “herro”, it may be just “hello” to Japanese, because the word “herro” doesn’t exist originally.

When someone says “erection”, Japanese people might get it as “election”, because Japanese people can’t distinguish them. However, considering that “election” is a more common word to Japanese people and that not so many Japanese people know the word “erection”, the opposite case (election → erection) might happen less.

I heard that even if people can’t distinguish L and R, there is a high possibility that they can understand the meanings of sentences with words containing L or R from the situation or the context.

For example, when a Japanese is walking outside with someone, if someone says “turn right!”, the Japanese person would get it from the situation. (This example is also what I heard.) So even if someone says “turn light.” in the situation, the Japanese would still get it as “turn right.”.

Another example is if a religious person says “Pray to God”, Japanese people who know the word “pray” would get the meaning. When a bad incident happens to a country, even if a person says “Play for xxxx.”, Japanese people would get it as “Pray for xxxx.”.

When a terror attack happened in France, I saw a photo saying “Play for France” from overseas. Of course, Japanese people could understand the joke if it is seen. But if Japanese people heard it, Japanese people wouldn’t understand the joke.

Let’s go back to “election” and “erection”. When politics is discussed, whether someone says “election” or “erection”, Japanese people would get it as “election”. However, since “erection” is not a very common word to Japanese, even if someone says “erection”, when talking with a Japanese person about hentai things, the Japanese person might get it as “election”.

Anyway, although what she is doing in the video might be funny, it doesn’t make sense actually. (By the way, they were just saying random Japanese words after “Hello” and “Herro”. )

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