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English education in Japan

Most Japanese people cannot speak English well. Some Japanese people blame the English education in Japan. They say “I learnt English for 6 years at school, but I can’t speak English. It’s because the English Education is not good.”.

I learnt English at school for 6 years from Junior high school to high school like others and then started learning conversational English after that. I want to say that the English education in Japan is not necessarily bad, though maybe somethings should be revised.

1. English dubbed Anime should be aired!

I have talked with some foreign people about English education in their countries. One thing that I noticed is that for them American pop culture is a part of their lives. They watch American movies and dramas and kids in their countries watch cartoons ,which helps them improve their English a lot.

Many Japanese people watch American movies which are a big hit in the U.S.. Some Japanese people listen to American songs, but Japanese pop culture is still the first choice for many people. If American cartoons and Japanese anime are compared, Japanese kids would choose Japanese anime.

I think that exposing learners to English language TV shows and movies would help with their English education. When I think about English education in Japan, there should be a TV channel where Japanese Anime is aired all the time in English. Maybe the government should make the channel. Anime is already rooted in this society as a sub culture and Japan is having a lot of foreign tourists, some of who come to Japan because they like Anime. So Japanese citizens should support Anime, whether they like it or not.

2. Reduce English lesson hours at school!

As long as I remember, my English teachers at school were just native English speakers. Taking English classes at high school and junior high didn’t help me improve my English speaking abilities.

There are many students in the classroom. Naturally, they have few opportunities to speak English. In English class at school, only English grammar and reading should be taught and the total number of hours for English class should be reduced.

Then maybe school can start later, like 10 am. Children should sleep a lot and if high school students can commute later, they can avoid taking the train during rush hours and the trains would be less crowded. It would be good for business people too, except for perverts.

English dubbed Anime would be more fun than English teachers. At home, children should watch English Anime, which would increase their listening skills.

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3. Take English online lessons!

I have taken online English lessons, which has helped my spoken English. In the lesson, students have to speak because the lesson is one-on-one. I can’t sleep during the online lesson.

“Why Japanese people can’t speak English?” My answer to this question is that Japanese people have no opportunities to speak English. New language learners should have opportunities to use the language. As I wrote, there are too many students in the classroom. Obviously, English class at school is not for speaking.

I wrote that English class at school didn’t help my English speaking abilities. However, English grammar that I learnt at high school was very beneficial, in the process of my leaning conversational English. This is why I think that only English grammar and reading should be taught at school.

(Reportedly, many Japanese people are single nowadays. Taking an online lesson might be good for lonely Japanese!)

Some people say “you should learn a new language like playing a sport.”. It reminds me of this video.

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