Some customs for a Japanese wedding ceremony

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If you are invited to a Japanese wedding ceremony,

If you are invited to a Japanese wedding ceremony, you will have to give the couple some money as a congratulatory gift. There is a rule regarding the amount. The first number of the money has to be odd, because if it is even, it can be separated, which implies the couple may get a divorce. So giving 30,000 yen is common. 10,000 yen might be a bit low. (As the economy in Japan is not so good, some people might give 20,000 yen.)

In the past, my sister was invited to a wedding party three times in a month. So she had to give 30,000 yen (90,000 yen in total) to each couple. If it happened to me, I would go bankrupt. I’m lucky to have a few friends.

I heard some people pay to arrange guests as their “friends”. Also, I heard that some people organize fake wedding parties in order to get money.


  • The bills are expected to be new.
  • The bills are put in a special envelope for weddings.
  • Guests wear simple dresses.
  • Guests shall not wear white and gaudy dresses.


  • The bills are expected to be old.
  • The bills are put in a special envelope for funerals.
  • Guests wear black cloths.

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