Sightseeing spots in Chiba prefecture

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Come to Chiba prefecture!

After people arrive at Narita Airport which is located in Chiba prefecture, they go to Tokyo directly (as if Chiba doesn’t exist). This makes me sad because I’m from Chiba. So, let me introduce Chiba.

1. Tokyo Disney Land/Sea (Official site)

Tokyo Disney Land/Sea are located in Chiba, NOT in Tokyo. It would be great to go to Tokyo Disney Land/Sea but you have to be in line for long before you take each attraction.

How to go to Tokyo Disney Land/Sea from Tokyo Station

2. Country Farm Tokyo German Village

This is also located in CHIBA not in Tokyo. It’s like Chiba is a part of Tokyo…. (Adding “TOKYO” in names is good for business. )

Honestly, it might be difficult to go there for foreign people. Maybe the bus tour to Country Farm Tokyo German Village is easier.

3. Many shopping malls

Chiba has many big shopping malls.


4. Naritasan (Official site)

I’ve heard that if a couple goes there together, they will break up. (I believe this is a superstition though.) So, if you want to end up the relation with your partner, go there with him/her.

5. Me

I’m usually at home in Chiba.

CHI-BA KUN is the official mascot character of Chiba prefecture. His body figure is the shape of Chiba prefecture.

Funassyi is an unofficial mascot of Funabashi city which is located in Chiba prefecture. (He has made a lot of money.)


You don’t necessarily have to come to Chiba.


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Sightseeing spots in Chiba prefecture

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