Cheap Udon restaurants “Hanamaru” and “Marukame”

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“Hanamaru” and “Marukame”

There are two famous udon fast food restaurants,”Hanamaru” and “Marukame”. They are kind of rivals, though I don’t know the difference in terms of taste, honestly.

★Here are the official site links (Both are written in English.)
Hanamaru   Marukame

How to order “udon”

Watch this video and you can get how to order. I got shocked by the comment section…. “Bukkake” is not necessary a “hentai” word….

You can also check how to order from the official.

If you are cheap

If you are cheap, you should go to Marukame on the first day of every month because you can get Kamaage Udon↓ at the half price. Most Marukame restaurants (not all) have this promo.

(The image is from

The original prices are 290 yen, 390 yen and 490 yen .

(円=yen  並=normal size  大=big  特=special)


Some Japanese people are allergic to soba. If you are allergic to many foods, you may want to avoid soba. Actually, one of my friends can’t eat soba because of that. When my friends and I took an airplane, we chose a Japanese meal which included soba. We wondered “What if foreigners are allergic to soba”. Now Japanese food is getting famous worldwide. But be careful about soba.

※When Japanese people eat noodles, many Japanese slurp. It is not considered to be rude in Japan.

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