Best friend in the rest room! Japanese toilet “washlet”

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One washlet in every home

Have you ever heard of “washlet”? Most houses in Japan have it and it takes good care of your ass after you have done it in the rest room.

I think what I like about Japanese toilets the most is that the seats are hot. Sitting on the warm seat in winter is very nice. Some Japanese read a book, while sitting on the hot seat.

Installing a Washlet

Some travelers to Japan buy a washlet. It might be a good souvenir. Reportedly, a Japanese toilet company is trying to export more washlets. Maybe you can buy it easily in the near future. The one in my house was about $200. It’s worth it.


If a washlet is used for longer than 10 years, possibly the electrical wire gets cut and it starts to burn. You have to buy a new one and replace them in that case.

Cultural thing

In Japan, people don’t wear shoes at home but some people wear slippers in the restrooms. I don’t know why…. ()

Someone’s poem

People are cold to me.
My family is cold me.
The only warm thing is the washlet in my home.


By the way, is this not common in your country?

This Japanese toilet paper holder

I found a shocking thing.

A female rest room in Japan
Q. Who would you rather date?
Left : a poor but handsome guy| Right : a rich but ugly guy
(look at the toilet papers)

Revised trigger of Faucet in Japan and earthqukes
Tatami room
Wear Japanese toe slippers for your health!!

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